Jane Lo
Product Designer

Hey there! I’m a creative graphic and web designer based in sunny San Francisco, CA.

Project 1
Graphic Design
Project 2
Web Design
Project 3
Web Design
Project 4
Graphic Design

My experience

 stress management, and reframing negativethoughts. Medications: In certain cases, medications may be prescribed tomanage the symptoms of tinnitus. These can include tricyclic antidepressants,antianxiety medications, or even off-label use of certain medications that mayhelp reduce tinnitus symptoms. Lifestyle adjustments: Making lifestyle changescan have a positive impact on tinnitus. These changes may include reducingexposure to loud noises, avoiding stimulants like caffeine and nicotine,managing stress levels,

Graphic Designer
April 2014 — Mar 2015
Web Designer
Apr 2015 — Mar 2016
Visual Developer
Jun 2016 — Jul 2017
Aug 2017 — forever

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